Tank technology for low-pressure storage of natural gas to be showcased at Missouri Tech Expo

The tank technology for low-pressure storage of natural gas on vehicles, developed in Peter Pfeifer’s lab, will be showcased at the 6th annual Missouri Tech Expo, Oct. 15, 2015, http://motechexpo.missouri.edu/. Adsorbed Natural Gas Products, Inc., http://www.angpinc.com/about-angp/, holds a license for commercialization of the technology for light-duty and heavy-duty vehicles. Bob Bonelli, Founder and CEO of […]

Fast Track Award

Prof. Peter Pfeifer received a 2015 FastTrack award, under which the UM Office of Research and Economic Development funds “development, testing, prototype construction, or specific market research” to move university inventions further down the commercial pipeline, http://www.umsystem.edu/ums/aa/fundingopps/fasttrack. The $50,000 award is for an upgrade of the adsorbed natural gas tank for low-pressure storage on next-generation […]

Local interest in natural gas technology for vehicles might open new doors

Our research was recently spotlighted in the Columbia Daily Tribune. Here is an excerpt:

“The city of Columbia might be a test case for cutting-edge improvements to natural gas-powered vehicles as it prepares to bring in a compressed natural gas station and experiment with other advanced natural gas technologies… …A group of University of Missouri […]