Natural Gas Vehicle Research Roadmap

Natural Gas Vehicle Research Roadmap Consultant Report Done by the California Energy Commission.

The California Energy Commission’s Natural Gas Vehicle Research Roadmap identifies initiatives and projects that research, develop, demonstrate, and deploy advanced fuel-efficient natural gas powered transportation technologies and fuel switching strategies that result in a cost-effective reduction of on-road and off-road petroleum fuel use in the short and long term. Research roadmap findings show that there exists a lack of heavy-duty and off-road engines sizes or capacity, and that vehicle integration of new engines is a significant hurdle to greater natural gas vehicle availability and market penetration. Specific research topics include Engine Development and Vehicle Integration, Fueling Infrastructure and Storage and Technical and Strategic Studies.

State Alternative Fuels Plan

State Alternative Fuels Plan by California Energy Commission

Assembly Bill 1007, (Pavley, Chapter 371, Statutes of 2005) required the California Energy Commission to prepare a state plan to increase the use of alternative fuels in California (State Alternative Fuels Plan).

The Energy Commission prepared the plan in partnership with the California Air Resources Board and in consultation with the other state, federal, and local agencies.

In preparing the State Alternative Fuels Plan, the Committee incorporated and built on the work by the Bio-Energy Interagency Working Group, the work of other agencies, and also examined the broader suite of alternative fuels that could benefit California’s transportation market.